AI/ML Forecasting for Replenishment

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eCommerce Sales & Inventory Forecasting

Use battle-tested forecasting algorithms, gain confidence in your inventory positions

The cornerstone of retail success is keeping your shelves fully stocked. Costco keeps their inventory/shelves stocked to the ceiling, and theyโ€™re ordering & receiving everyday. Are you confident that your inventory forecasting methods are keeping you fully stocked? ShipmentBot uses multiple forecasting methods to provide forward-looking insights to help make decisions easier.

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Simple Remittance Reconciliation

Do you HATE reconciling your remittance statements with your inventory?

For each remittance, we break down 3 separate files:

  1. Account-Level Fees and With-holding.
  2. FBA Orders + Refunds by SKU, so you can easily see what was sold and how much it generated.
  3. FBM data is consolidated to order/SKU line-items.

Give your accountant an easier way to process your Amazon Income.

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Hands-Free FBA Inbound

Are humans necessary to keep your stock healthy inside FBA?

A Huge part of success on Amazon is health inventory levels. Similar to how VendorCentral algorithms created PurchaseOrders, ShipmentBot has created a forecasting/sales/shipment algorithm to keep your inventory instock. For best results, we keep inventory levels at 2x-3x your lead-time. What Does This Mean? Every day our system makes an algorithmic recommendation from as many inputs as possible:

  • 30-days sales history
  • inventory At Amazon, At your Warehouse, and inbound
  • Forecasts: The current version uses TBATS for predictions.

For Example: If you normally sell 100 units a week, ShipmentBot is likely to suggest 200-units when you are below 300-units.

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Vendor Live DF Inventory

Forward your Inventory file VIA Email or FTP, and we can push it to VendorCentral

Automate your Direct Fulfillment Inventory with any technical knowledge! You can send us your inventory through email on a regular basis or provide FTP Access. We convert it to Amazonโ€™s format and upload automatically!

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