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Inventory Outages Disrupting Your Sleep?

The Dread of StockOuts We’ve been there - staring at the ceiling at 2 AM, worrying about inventory levels. Our experience?

A top-selling ($40-ASP) SKU moving 750-1000 monthyl units to be frequently drained by B2B orders of 25-100 units.
Left us in a constant state of replenishment panic.

The Cost of Running Dry: Imagine puncturing your gas tank, ripping your parachute, or sailing with a gaping hole. That’s what running out of FBA inventory feels like. It’s not just about the physical inventory; it’s about what you stand to lose:

  • Lost Visibility: Out-of-stock (OOS) push customers towards alternatives & competitors.
  • Lost Loyalty: Your faithful customers may turn to competitors who have what they need.
  • Reduced Rank: Every moment your SKU is unlisted, its hard-earned rank deteriorates.
  • Zero Conversions: Expect conversions to plummet, affecting even affiliate-driven traffic.

In the unforgiving realm of brick-and-mortar, an empty shelf space can permanently switch to competitors’ products.

The Verdict? A Fatal Blow For SKUs that were once profitable, an outage can mean reverting to the costly launch phase to regain sales volume.

The Pillars of Amazon Success We’ve distilled our journey into three non-negotiables for thriving on Amazon:

  1. Innovative Product: Stand out with something unique and valuable.
  2. Consistent Manufacturing: Ensure a steady, profitable supply chain.
  3. Robust Forecasting and Restocking: Stay ahead of demand curves.

Inventory management isn’t just a part of the business; it’s the heart of your Amazon strategy. Let’s fortify it together.

How Does It Work?
Data + Discipline

How Our Inventory Management Service Works

Data Integration at Midnight

Our system automatically retrieves your settlement reports, offering a detailed, sku-level view of daily sales trends. This data-driven approach enables us to tailor outcomes to align perfectly with your business goals, ensuring we're always on the same page.

Forecasting at 2 AM: The Blend of Science and Art

We process your settlement data with advanced machine-learning algorithms to generate precise sales forecasts. Recognizing the inherent challenges of forecasting, we combine technological precision with strategic insight, adapting to the unique context of your sales data to predict future trends accurately.

Short-term Planning at 3 AM

Every day, we update your Amazon planning data, providing a snapshot of current sales, inventory levels, inbound shipments, and more. This immediate insight allows for agile adjustments to your inventory strategy, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Lead Time Tracking at 4 AM

We meticulously monitor the dates and statuses of your inbound shipments, maintaining an up-to-date log of lead times. This information is crucial for anticipating inventory needs and avoiding stockouts.

Shipment Suggestions at 5 AM

Based on our forecasts and your lead times, we generate precise shipment recommendations. For example, to avoid low inventory fees while keeping a 30-day supply on hand, we suggest replenishments when you're down to a 6-week supply. This process tackles the common challenge among FBA sellers of underestimating future sales, ensuring your inventory levels are always optimized.

Ready in Your Inbox at 6 AM

You will receive detailed FBA shipment plans and UPS labels directly in your inbox, prepared using our accurate sales forecasts and planning data. These plans are designed for easy implementation by your warehouse team, streamlining the shipment process and ensuring your inventory is efficiently managed.

Why Our Approach Works

Our service is designed to address the nuanced challenges of inventory management head-on. By leveraging data, technology, and strategic insight, we offer a solution that goes beyond simple estimations, providing a sophisticated, proactive approach to inventory planning. This ensures you're always prepared, never out of stock, and positioned for success on Amazon.


eCommerce Sales & Inventory Forecasting

Use battle-tested forecasting algorithms, gain confidence in your inventory positions

The cornerstone of retail success is keeping your shelves fully stocked. Costco keeps their inventory/shelves stocked to the ceiling, and they’re ordering & receiving everyday. Are you confident that your inventory forecasting methods are keeping you fully stocked? ShipmentBot uses multiple forecasting methods to provide forward-looking insights to help make decisions easier.

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Hands-Free FBA Inbound

Are humans necessary to keep your stock healthy inside FBA?

A Huge part of success on Amazon is health inventory levels. Similar to how VendorCentral algorithms created PurchaseOrders, ShipmentBot has created a forecasting/sales/shipment algorithm to keep your inventory instock. For best results, we keep inventory levels at 2x-3x your lead-time. What Does This Mean? Every day our system makes an algorithmic recommendation from as many inputs as possible:

  • 30-days sales history
  • inventory At Amazon, At your Warehouse, and inbound
  • Forecasts: The current version uses TBATS for predictions.

For Example: If you normally sell 100 units a week, ShipmentBot is likely to suggest 200-units when you are below 300-units.

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