Hi there! I’m Blair Anderson and like you, I’m responsible for pushing Amazon sales (and profits) up and to the right on Amazon!

My humble team currently manages roughly $30m/year across VendorCentral and SellerCentral accounts. Our accounts under management have grossed well over $300m since we started helping customers sell on Amazon.

eCommerce sales & marketing is significantly different than traditional retail, and like you, I track a variety of data points while maintaining a broad reach of responsibilities.

We build tools for Vendors, Sellers, and Agencies

Email Attachment -> EDI Inventory

And like you, I work hard to stay on top of business, this is our job after all!

But you and I both know there is a never-ending list of stuff that needs to be managed to win on the Amazon platform:

I try to hire the best employees possible to support me, but at the end of the day, I’m responsible for making sure each job is completed to a high standard.

Our goal is to become your next employee for a fraction of the cost:

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Perfect Email Notifications As-Needed.
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