Best Alternatives to Forecastly and ForecastRX in 2022

Inventory management is a key part of running any business. But it is especially important when running an Amazon business. Whether it be FBA or FBM, correctly managing your inventory is essential.

There are a ton of factors that go into proper inventory management. One of the most important parts of inventory management is inventory forecasting.

Inventory forecasting is the practice of predicting how much inventory you’ll need to keep in stock. It’s important because running out of inventory on Amazon means that your ranking will plummet. But having too much inventory will trigger an insane amount of storage fees. Amazon’s warehouse space isn’t free.

Inventory forecasting can be very complicated. Luckily for business owners, there are many software options out there to make the process easier.

What is ForecastRX Inventory Software?

ForecastRX is an inventory management software. It integrates with Amazon Seller Central and is commonly used by FBA sellers.

According to the ForecastRX website, the software takes into account “trends, sales cycles, and seasonality while applying custom restocking parameters such as lead-time, order interval, MOQ, and service level”.

A man uses his laptop with sales forecasting being displayed on screen.

ForecastRX is one of the leading inventory management software services in the FBA industry. However, there are alternatives with different pros and cons than ForecastRX. One of those competitors was Forecastly.

What Happened to Forecastly Inventory Software?

Forecastly was another one of the leading inventory management software services. Recently, it shut down. That left many business owners looking for alternatives.

Forecastly was bought out by JungleScout, another business that operates an Amazon platform for business owners. 

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Forecastly and ForecastRX in 2022, then read on.


Jazva is an automation software with inventory management features built-in. The company is headquartered in California. We took a look at user reviews to put together this list of pros and cons:


One of the best aspects of Jazva is the on-demand support. Their reps are helpful and knowledgeable about the software. The software is an all-in-one inventory management hub which is helpful for business owners who don’t want to use a lot of different software.

The all-in-one focus with Jazva’s software seems to be the biggest pro for many users.


While business owners love the all-in-one aspect of this software, many claim that the software isn’t exactly easy to adjust to. According to one user, “going through the onboarding process is tedious and a bit challenging in the beginning as it was something completely different”. 

A common problem that business owners face is getting used to the software. This is probably why Jazva offers on-demand support.


InventoryLab is an American software launched in 2013 by an Amazon FBA seller who was looking for an easier solution to all things Amazon.

The software can manage your inventory, track your expenses, and analyze profitability.


The biggest pro of InventoryLab seems to be the versatility of the software itself. You can do a ton of work on just this one software.

Another plus is that when starting a batch, you can choose “Live” or “Private” for the “Workflow Type.” When the “Private” workflow is chosen, nothing is submitted to Amazon until the batch is completed. This means that your inventory will be sent out to fewer fulfillment centers than if “Live” was chosen. This is a great advantage for you as it could decrease storage costs and make the inventory management process simpler.


Like with Jazva, the software might be a bit too much at times and could get complicated or confusing. However, there is no on-demand support at the time of writing this. We’re certain that sending in a question to their contact form on the website will get a response, though!


ShipmentBot is an Amazon FBA automation software that can take care of a lot of things—inventory management being one of them.

No one knows inventory management better than business owners who’ve been in the industry for a long time. The team at ShipmentBot managed to help their clients make well over $300m on Amazon.

But with all the inventory management software out there, what sets this one apart?

AI and machine learning. 

A screen full of code is displayed.

There are a lot of key aspects of managing inventory. A lot of number crunching and strategy.

ShipmentBot does all of this for you. It pulls in your inventory and sales, uses AI to build a sales forecast for every SKU, and even sends shipping labels/purchase orders to your warehouse/suppliers.

The software fully integrates with all of Amazon’s tools and handles a bunch of other repetitive Amazon tasks for you.

If you’re ready to take the leap and use advanced software to level up your Amazon business, then click here.

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