How to Build an Amazon Sales Funnel That Makes Money

Every online purchase follows the same sales funnel. Your sales depend on this sales funnel. It’s important to understand this sales funnel to optimize it for your own Amazon products

If you had a business manufacturing toilet paper, it would always be fairly obvious where you could make improvements to get things faster or more seamlessly.

More trucks to get things out faster, more space to prepare for the machines, more machines, more packaging machines, etc.

With eCommerce, the funnel is your entire sales system. Every step can be optimized!

Like with every project, you want to break your tasks up into manageable tasks and categorize them so that you can delegate!

We’re going to talk about this sales funnel, each of the key stages, and how to improve your product listings on Amazon in order to make the most of each key stage.

top of amazon sales funnel, search seo sms ads main image and title

The top of the funnel is all about generating awareness. You want as many people as possible to know about your product. That’s why it’s important to keep it as wide as possible.

You might have a product that stops the aging process, but if the top of your funnel isn’t optimized, then people aren’t going to know about it.

First things first, you need to have a great product title and main image. These are what your customers will see when they’re looking to make a purchase on the site. They’re going to look at the image first. Make sure that your main image (or first image) is clear, well-shot, and helps your audience identify your product.

Your title also serves a big purpose. It needs to explain what the product is and some of its main benefits.

SEO and SMS ads are another big part of the funnel. That’s going to be where almost all of your attention comes from. You need to ensure that you’re employing the right techniques and strategies when working on search engine optimization and advertisements.

You might want to hire an advertising expert instead of teaching yourself. The level of logical reasoning required to comprehend (and be good at!?) bid-based PPC advertising with multiple match groups and infinitely nestable campaigns and ad groups is pretty darn high. We have tech at our own foundation which helps us help our clients.

Getting Closer to a Purchase: Product Confidence

second part of funnel product confidence, images, content, stock

Your target audience might click on your product, but now it’s time to establish trust. You have 20 seconds to establish trust with them or else they lose interest and buy from a competitor instead.

First, they’re going to check if they can even buy the thing. You always need to have products in stock. If you don’t have it in stock, then they’ll go to the competition. A lot goes into inventory management that can make or break your product’s performance on Amazon.

Your prospects will be looking at the bullet points and images. Your bullet points need to explain your product’s benefits. What’s in it for the customer? What problem is your product solving?

Product images need to give your customers more information. They should be able to learn all about the product and what it does in a few images. Feel free to mix copy with lifestyle images or create infographics. Think of your images as another outlet for your sales pitch.

Images could also serve as social proof. If your product has been featured in the media or endorsed by a celebrity, then dedicate an image to showing that off.

Almost Purchased: Social Proof

third level of amazon sales funnel reviews and q and a

Your target audience loves what they see! Now, it’s time for them to see if others were satisfied with their purchase.

People are going to look at the ratings. They’ll see if there are positive reviews that indicate a high-quality product.. If not, then that trust is broken.

Whether positive or negative, it’s good to respond to as many reviews as possible. This shows your customers that you appreciate their positive review. Or that you are listening to their feedback.

If you notice any questions on your listing, then try to respond to them as soon as possible. It shows that you care about your customers.

Boom! Checkout

bottom of amazon sales funnel check out

Most of the time, retailers have to worry about checkout to end the funnel. But fortunately, Amazon handles this part for us.

That doesn’t mean the work is over, though. You should constantly be monitoring your products and how they are performing. There’s always room for improvement somewhere.

You also need to ensure that orders don’t close the funnel. You should always have products in stock so that the product listing stays live on Amazon. Monitor your lead times, keep tabs on your inventory, and use forecasting techniques to always stay ahead of the curve.

Example of a Successful Sales Funnel

We’re going to go through an example of a successful sales funnel. Let’s begin.

We start our search by typing “pet toy” in the Amazon search bar.

We’re greeted by the results page showing us a sponsored ad, some best sellers, and other toys. Right away, we see that cactus toy on the top. That business used ads to reach me before I even considered any other toys. This is the top of their sales funnel. Let’s click on the ad.

I see a good main image. The dog is showing how the product is used and gives it a sense of scale. The title highlights the toy’s ability to clean teeth. This is another benefit that I wasn’t even looking into, so that’s an added bonus. The product is in stock, the content is great, and the images are awesome. This is the second level of the funnel. Let’s go deeper.

I noticed that it has four stars. That’s not too bad, but ideally we’d go for at least 4.5 stars. The reviews are decent. The common complaint being poor customer service. Something I’d do if I was the seller would be to respond to as many reviews as possible. I’d also answer questions in the Q&A section since right now, customers are doing a majority of the answering. A seller’s answer is always preferred. This is the third level of the funnel.

If we were to buy the product, then Amazon would handle all of the shipping and handling. However, the seller is likely using forecasting techniques and other inventory management strategies to ensure that they have enough stock left for the next few customers.


Remember, an effective sales funnel is crucial for guiding potential customers through the buying process and maximizing conversions. By focusing on product confidence, social proof, and a wide funnel top, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful Amazon sales funnel that drives results.

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