The Complete Amazon Buy Box Guide in 2023 for Seller Central

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon should be one of your top priorities. 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box. If you’re not winning the Buy Box, then you’re losing out on serious cash.

In this post, you’re going to learn how to win the Buy Box on Amazon. We’re going to go over key strategies that will help you secure that spot and stand out from the competition. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned Amazon seller, you need to know all about the factors that go into the Buy Box decision. Let’s get started.

1. Competitive and Stable Pricing

Pricing is essential when it comes to winning the Buy Box. Amazon values pricing that is competitive and stable. If your pricing is more consistent than the competition, then you should win the Buy Box, even if they’re a little bit cheaper. You can change your price on Seller Central.

Constantly monitor your competitors’ prices and adjust yours accordingly. Use dynamic pricing strategies to adjust prices based on market trends, fluctuations, and competitors.

2. Fulfillment Method

Your fulfillment method is one of the key factors that Amazon considers when deciding on who wins the Buy Box. Sellers who are eligible for Prime will almost always beat out those who aren’t. Enroll in the Amazon FBA program to be eligible for Prime or enroll in FBM Prime.

Having that Prime badge next to your product attracts customers as well.

3. Inventory

You need to consistently keep your inventory in stock for Buy Box success. Amazon wants to ensure that you can reliably provide customers with what they’re looking for. Implement smart inventory management practices to prevent stockouts and maintain a healthy inventory level.

In order to keep your inventory levels healthy, consider using these tactics:

  • Use forecasting software to predict how much stock you will need
  • Monitor lead times
  • Predict seasonal fluctuations and prepare for them
  • Keep emergency stock in case a shipment doesn’t arrive in time

On Seller Central, click on “FBA Inventory” under the “Inventory” menu, and finally click on “Inventory Performance”.

You can see your IPI score. A higher IPI score shows that you’re making the right decisions regarding your inventory. An IPI score above 400 actually provides you with additional storage capacity in Amazon fulfillment centers.

4. Positive Ratings

Amazon is crazy about customer satisfaction. Positive seller feedback is important in Buy Box selection. You must deliver the product as promised and provide great customer service. Respond to questions, reviews, and address any issues professionally. Encourage buyers to leave reviews and ratings!

Negative ratings due to a defective product, a late delivery, or other negative customer experiences could hurt your Buy Box success rate.

5. Competitive Shipping

Efficient shipping and delivery contribute to a great customer experience. Offer competitive shipping options to align with Amazon’s standards. The better your shipping, the better your chances of winning the Buy Box.


Winning the Buy Box is a crucial part of any Amazon Seller’s strategy. Stick to these 5 strategies and you’ll win the Buy Box in no time!

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