Vendor Direct Fulfillment Inventory Sync

Automation Made For:   VendorCentral

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Step 1.

We Connect to Your Vendor Account

We (a ShipmentBot Staff Engineer) connects our system to your VendorCentral account.
You only have to provide us to EDI access, and it can be removed after we are completed.

Step 2.

Send your Inventory to ShipmentBot
(however you can!)

Send us your Email attachments however you want, from your system or a human! We can also connect to an FTP Server.
Why? ShipmentBot needs a consistent source of your inventory. Then we reformat and send.

Step 3.

Together We'll manage a cross reference file

The cross reference matches your inventory file to the Amazon ASINs. Is is formatted so we can pull inventory and match it to multiple ASINs.
This allows you to upload a file that contains 1 row, and match to multiple ASINs (single / case-pack / master-pack / etc.)

Step 4.

Add Safety-Stock Rules!(Optional)

Rules let you create a BUFFER before we upload inventory. Everyone has different sales velocity, and everyone has different delays before their inventory gets updated.
Rules allow you to add a buffer to make sure you don't oversell.

Step 5.

Automate / Turn off

We give you an on/off switch control to automate or fully 'shut off' inventory at a moments notice.
Need to zero-out inventory? We give you a button.

No-Code / Simple solution to quickly update your DF inventory. Forward your Inventory file VIA Email or FTP, ShipmentBot uploads to VendorCentral

Vendor DF Inventory Uploads

  • No Contract. You can stop anytime (stop sending inventory and pay nothing)
  • We can connect to your FTP, Database, ETC.
Automate DF Inventory!