How Bezos Speaks - The ways Amazon Executives Structure Their Communication

This guide cites Amazon Executive as a source for ultimately clear communication.

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Every day we are working towards our mission of solving our customers problems (profitably growing sales). To do this we are continually cycling through projects both internal and external.

This document serves as a communication guideline for our teams.

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These points merit deep reflection

Use less than 30 words per sentence

Remove all fluff, long-winded sentences. Short and crisp sentences are what you should strive for. Once you master the craft of clear communication, feel free to experiment. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway once wrote a 6 word short story. Check it out - โ€œFor sale: baby shoes, never worn.โ€

Replace adjectives with data:

Good writing paints a specific picture in your mind and nudges you to think. Vague writing characterized by excessive use of adjectives confuses the reader.

Eliminate weasel words:

Remove fluff and wage a war on wasting words to make a point

โ€œSo Whatโ€ Test:

Good writing is self-explanatory. The reason why people need a barrage of meetings and conference calls comes down to poor communication and suboptimal writing. Most meetings really could have been emails if we wrote well. If you are making a nuanced point, it should typically communicate everything that the reader needs to know without inflicting her with unnecessary jargon.

IF you get a good question, reply with one of the 4 Amazon Answers: Replying clearly:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Number /Specific insight (never with let us have a call โ€” the outcome of a meeting/email is never a meeting/email)
  4. I donโ€™t know

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