Big Damn Guide to Amazon URL Shortcuts

A url is sent into Amazon’s search engine, and every little character is an option or reference for the system. inside EVERY url on EVERY website, you can look for the ? character as a special divider. 1st part is the Path (Service/Endpoint/etc.) and 2nd part are parameters.

Some parameters require “url encoding” and some do not. the quickest way to cleanup a URL from Amazon is to paste into

Basic Search: has path /s and zero parameters. Anything after /s? will be submitted to the search engine.

Basic Detail Page:[ASIN]?[random+params+here]


Notice that SPACES inside urls can be written as + sign. You might notice that Encoding a URL turns a space into %20, encoding is a way to guarantee the SERVER receives all the special characters that we meant

Brand Search Query:{Brand+Name+Here} notice if you use a URL decoder it shows as{BRAND NAME HERE}

Category Brand Search Query:{CATEGORY-NODE-HERE}%2Cp_89%3A{YOUR%20BRAND%20HERE} That might look like goop BUT we can decode it to look like,p_89:Wingtite


Please email us if you have MORE to add. We are always working to create comprehensive tools.

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